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Jewish Singles

Finally, there is a better way to meet Jewish singles near you.

For Jewish Singles, we understand the necessity of spending your life with someone of the same faith. We also understand the need to find a partner who goes to synagogue as often as you do.

While many of today's temples have Singles' groups, we know it can be very uncomfortable to date within the synagogue, for fear of gossip and awkward situations, should things not work out. It can be a good idea to keep temple and dating separate.

At Santa Barbara Singles, we are committed to helping Jewish men and women find each other, in a healthy and safe environment. As you know, there are many synagogues in our city, but if you do not attend them all, how do you meet someone who might be going to the temple across town? Santa Barbara Singles, that's how.

Ever hear the saying, "Do not judge a book by its cover"? Well, with online dating, all you get is the cover and no substance on the inside. While the internet is great for buying a shirt or booking travel, it is neither safe nor effective when it comes to meeting your special someone.

We do all the work and you have all the fun!

At Santa Barbara Singles, we do things differently. Our proven Matchmaking System is designed to weed out the bad apples and then actively search for your ideal person with the help of your own personal Matchmaker.

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